Product Information

Product Information

Wet Plating Products

The wet plating is a method to produce the metal film by immersing an object in a plating solution.
UEHARA’s decorative parts are widely used. They have excellent corrosion resistance and can be adapted for both interior and exterior parts.
Applicable color: Bright Chrome, Satin, Platinum, Trivalent Chromium, Trivalent Velour, etc.

  • ホンダ
  • マツダ
  • BRZ
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  • 02
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  • 04
  • 05
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  • 07
  • 09
  • 09
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  • スズキ
  • 15
  • BRZ

Wet plating products + painting

Plenty of expression is available by painting on the plated surface and it gives you flexible design.
Adding color on the parts will give you more special impression with further advanced design.

  • nissan
  • Sedition
  • STV
  • 16
  • 17
  • Hybrid
  • EV
  • SH-AWD
  • 17
  • GMC
  • 18
  • Jeep

Dry plating products (Vapor Deposition)

The dry plating is a method to produce a film of the vaporized metal by raising the temperature in a vacuum environment.
Unlike the wet plating, because the metal film is coated by the paint as finish, the surface color is available to adjust for appearance.
Compared to the wet plating, the environmental impact is very low and you can create more originality for color finish.

  • 19
  • 19
  • 20

Dry plating products (Vapor Deposition + Painting)

The substrate is an acrylic and processed from its backside. Combining the processes - vapor deposition, painting and printing, it gives you design impression in many ways.
It enables 3D representation with very sophisticated design. The finish is very luxury.

  • toyota
  • toyota
  • honda
  • subaru

Dry Plating Products (Sputtering)

The sputtering is a method to create a metal layer by adhering atoms which is jumped out by the electron energy in a vacuum condition.
As similar to vapor deposition, because the paint covers the metal layer, the surface color can be adjustable. With its good high-temperature moisture resistance, it can maintain a high quality and the product performance is maintained even under the harsh environment.

Dry Plating Products (Ion-Plating)

Under a vacuum condition, Ion-plating is a method of making a metal layer with ionized metal particles evaporated by Ar gas and electron energy. Used as the main metal, Titanium, is forming a titanium nitride film by combination with the nitrogen gas. Moreover, it is possible to have color variations by the formulation of nitrogen gas amount.

Metal Products

It is possible to create products that take advantage of the metal its own characteristics. By etching process, the design on the metal is represented. Aluminum is excellent in workability, a processing that incorporates the design is possible by printing or embossing while keeping the aluminum texture.

Millimeter Wave Emblem

The millimeter-wave radar method to collision avoidance system has been adopted in a number of automobile manufacturers. Transmission performance of millimeter wave has been required for the metallic emblem on the front vehicle body. The emblem that consists of both metallic luster and millimeter wave transparency can be manufactured by a special metal film deposition technology.